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Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Admin noticeboard Random page. This page was last modified on 19 November , at Summer Complete Breakfast Salmon Dinner. He is quite arrogant and brags to everyone that he is going to be a professional athlete. Is his cockiness just a facade to mask his crushing self-doubt? Is he using his sports dream to fill the void left by the disappearance of his parents?

Or is he just a brazen youth trying to 'look cool? Rainy day Time Location AM. Tuesday the 16th Time Location AM. Leaves the gym section of the Spa, heads to the beach to attend the Night Market. Monday Time Location AM. Spoilers He previously lived with his mother Clara , that he had a very close relationship with.

Alex Polizzi's Christmas Fix

I'm impressed. I guess it is. This is nice. Is this some kind of joke?

Manual Alex’s Special Christmas

I love this stuff! All Universal Loves.

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Foraging - The Mines. All Universal Dislikes. Foraging - Spring. This is garbage. All Universal Hates. You see Alex with his gridball. He greets you and tries to toss you the gridball. You fail to catch it. He laughs and says it was a nice try. He goes on to tell you he's sure that he's going to become the first professional gridball player from Stardew Valley. He asks you what you think his chances are.

Alex thanks you for your support and says that he'll remember it. Alex says you're just a little jealous and leaves. Alex is next to the dog pen near his home. He's talking to the dog, whose name is revealed as Dusty. He comments that both he and the dog have been through a lot, and that he feels misunderstood.

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You come out from behind the Saloon, and Alex asks if you heard any of that. You approach him while he stares at his bookcase and laments the fact that he hasn't read a single book in it. He tells you he's worried that he won't get anywhere in life without being knowledgeable, and he feels worthless. You're a genius! Yeah, that about sums it up.

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  5. He'll express doubt about being able to go pro as a gridball player. He apologizes to you for acting rude and arrogant and appreciates how you stuck with him despite all that. You'll provide some encouragement no choices necessary and Alex will return to his strength workout with renewed vigor. Alex is sitting on the beach crying. You approach him and sit down next to him.

    He says today is the day his mother died 12 years ago. He regrets not being able to thank her for taking care of him when he was a kid. The only keepsake he has left is his mother's music box. Alex opens it and plays it for the both of you. As the music plays, you see a vision of Alex's mother happily cradling baby Alex in her arms. As the music fades, he asks what you're thinking.

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    4. Alex agrees and says that's why he's working so hard to be a professional gridball player. Alex thanks you and bashfully says you're his best friend in the whole town. If male, he says "You More sensitive. I'm glad.

      Merry Christmas, Alex Cross - Wikipedia

      Life is hard for everyone. Alex reserves a private room for your dinner date. Gus plays the violin for you two and Emily will bring in your food. Alex is elated that the both of you were finally able to admit your feelings to each other.

      The Alex Sports Bar & Eatery

      He happily digs into his steak. Dusty suddenly bursts through the window, salivating at the smell of food. Alex laughs. I don't feel that way about you. Alex is crushed and apologizes for making you uncomfortable. He loses his appetite. If the player has a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, the cutscene will consist of a friendly game of pool. So you're the new guy, huh?

      I'm Alex. I'll see you around.

      Family Ties - Santa Alex

      I think we're going to get along great. It's true. See this little star on my jacket here? That proves it.

      Alex’s Special Christmas Alex’s Special Christmas
      Alex’s Special Christmas Alex’s Special Christmas
      Alex’s Special Christmas Alex’s Special Christmas
      Alex’s Special Christmas Alex’s Special Christmas
      Alex’s Special Christmas Alex’s Special Christmas
      Alex’s Special Christmas Alex’s Special Christmas
      Alex’s Special Christmas Alex’s Special Christmas
      Alex’s Special Christmas Alex’s Special Christmas

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