Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition)

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If the generic term is understood as a Platonic universal, this results inevitably in dogmatic nominalist disputes. It thus seems more productive to employ the term as a heuristic construct that enables us to recognize "kinship relations". What family resemblances are revealed in synchronic perspective between the respective national fascisms, as well as in diachronic perspective between fascisms within one country, depends on which ideal type definition one chooses to work with.

The value of the fascism concept lies, ultimately, in its capacity to facilitate analysis and understanding of those hybrid political phenomena that, in the period between World War I and World War II, not only moved beyond the previous left-right pattern but also transcended the traditional meaning of a number of nineteenth-century political categories.

Similarly, political praxis was fundamentally transformed by the paramilitary combat groups and the prerogative state of the single-party dictatorship. The concept of fascism is a tool for elucidating these changes as well as the contexts in which they occurred: the explosion of modernity; World War I; the Bolshevist revolution; the crisis of the liberal system, and the resulting search for a purportedly stable order; the widespread discontent with civilization S.

Freud and the search for alternative models for living, as manifested most clearly in the Lebensreform and youth movements in Germany; the radicalization and ethnicization of nationalism in World War I and the venomous vehemence with which the "new nationalists" took action against their opponents and against the "Versailles system"; the strain on the existing political system that faced a plethora of problems for which no established strategies were available.

Comparable situations existed in a wide range of European countries. Not only Italy and Germany but also the nations that had emerged from the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire faced similar challenges. The expectations that the war would purify, unite, and bring salvation had been disappointed everywhere in Europe, and liberalism failed to meet the hopes set in it.

C E C Fischer, First Edition

What remained was a longing for community, orientation, and order and a willingness to try radical solutions for the pressing issues of modernity. Fascism was a response that aimed to satisfy the desire for a new beginning, for a New Man, and for an alternative modernity — that fascism aimed to create on a drawing board, or rather on a tabula rasa created by murdering millions of people. Versions: 1.

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Copyright c Clio-online e. SomeProperty:: , [[]] und kann somit nicht als Name oder Teil einer Abfragebedingung verwendet werden. Esposito fascism v1 en Aus Docupedia.

Wechseln zu: Navigation , Suche. Close Print. Fascism — Concepts and Theories. Second, taking the contemporary conceptualizations of fascism developed by its Marxist, liberal, and conservative opponents as a starting point, this article reviews research on fascism during the Cold War. Third, the approaches taken by more recent research on fascism will be discussed and a survey of current fields of empirical work will be presented.

Photograph: MCMoses, 7 May Fascism studies' research questions These ideological battles between Marxists and anti-Marxists are for the time being a thing of the past. The Italian origins of Fascism Fascio — From league to the lictorial fasces as a symbol A brief look at post-Unitarian Italy reveals that, during the last third of the nineteenth century, the term fascio simply referred to a political alliance.

In December , the fasces became the emblem of the Italian state.

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Italian postage stamp from , depicting three men riding through the Libyan Desert, flanked on both sides by the fasces. Source: iBolli public domain. The racism and antisemitism of Italian fascists was autochthonous. The magazine La difesa della razza , first published in , aimed to enhance Italians' "racial consciousness". Source: Wikimedia Commons public domain. Recommended Reading. Mosse, George L. Paxton, Robert O. Payne, Stanley G. Reichardt, Sven Hrsg. Quote as. Fernando Esposito , Fascism — Concepts and Theories,. German Version: Faschismus — Begriff und Theorien.

Literaturempfehlungen 7. Adamson, Walter L. Bernhard, Patrick, Renarrating Italian Fascism. Bosworth, Richard J. Burgio, Alberto Hrsg. Cioli, Monica, Il fascismo e la "sua" arte: dottrina e istituzioni tra Futurismo e Novecento , De Felice, Renzo, Autobiografia del fascismo: antologia di testi fascisti - , Torino G. Ebner, Michael R. Wege der Forschung, , S. Deutsche Diskurse im Shils , New York Friedrich, Carl J.

Gentile, Emilio, Storia del partito fascista; [1 : - , movimento e milizia], Rom Gentile, Emilio, Il culto del Littorio: la sacralizzazione della politica nell'Italia fascista , rom Gentile, Emilio, The Conquest of Modernity. Gentile, Emilio, Le religioni della politica: fra democrazie e totalitarismi , Roma Laterza. Gentile, Emilio, Fascismo di pietra , Roma Laterza. Gentile, Giovanni, Origini e dottrina del fascismo , Rom Gordon, Robert S. Jahrhundert - ein "Sonderweg 19, 20, , S.

Gregor, A. Griffin, Roger, Modernity, modernism, and fascism. Griffin, Roger, Modernity, Modernism, and Fascism. Herbert, Ulrich, Geschichte Deutschlands im Jesse, Eckhard, Totalitarismus im Jahrhundert , Baden-Baden Nomos-Verl. Kallis, Aristotle A. Linz, Juan J. Maier, Charles S. Rosenberg Hrsg.


Mann, Michael, Fascists , Cambridge Mattioli, Aram, Asfa-Wossen, Asserate, ed.

Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition) Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition)
Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition) Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition)
Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition) Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition)
Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition) Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition)
Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition) Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition)
Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition) Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition)
Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition) Die Erfindung der Realität: Roman (German Edition)

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