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Turkmenistan and the Gates of Hell

Additional rules concerning the permissibility of camera recordings and processing, storage and erasure of data also need to be observed. In the United States, by contrast, the legal limits are much broader and are apparently interpreted quite excessively by Ring and Amazon alike.

In return, police departments were said to have been granted access to surveillance videos created by private cameras via the "Neighbors" app. In addition, for each app download, Ring reportedly credited police department accounts towards the purchase of additional video doorbells.

At least in terms of privacy policies with regard to the video doorbells evaluated in this test, Ring has a clean slate. The manufacturer provides detailed information about the many tracking modules contained in the app and provides exhaustive information about the large amount of data the app collects about users and forwards to Amazon.

As a Google subsidiary, Nest also provides extremely detailed information in its privacy statement concerning the data generated, collected, evaluated and forwarded, as is the normal policy by the parent company. Due to comprehensive sensor technology, such as facial recognition, there is also an increased need for clarification here.

While Google does indeed provide sufficient information about the relevant features as well as data storage and use, it also claims to be a mere order processor and shifts all data protection duties onto buyers and users. In its privacy statement, the manufacturer Somikon grants itself extensive rights for data collection and use, which raise clear doubts as to compatibility with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The app thus requires extensive access to the smartphone and contains many modules for data transfer to Chinese companies. Even far worse was the DoorBird privacy policy, which makes no mention whatsoever of the product and its data collection options, but refers instead exclusively to the company. The company fails to meet its duty to provide its customers information as to the type of data collection, use and storage. This is totally at odds with the current legal situation and therefore had to be punished by the testers, who issued a rating of "insufficient".

The Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan

By contrast, Arlo's privacy statement offered no cause for complaint. The current report on deficiencies in data protection at Ring's parent company, Amazon, is mentioned here for the sake of completeness, but it is not an integral part or criterion of this test procedure. Even worse is the DV from DoorBird, which shows gross security deficiencies in almost all evaluated test categories and was therefore not awarded any of the possible three stars.

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  • In the Turkmenistan desert, a crater dubbed “The Door to Hell” has been burning for decades.

November 11, Internet of Things. Security test: five video doorbells in a laboratory test.

Jam-packed with detection features The days are over when children could get away with ringing doorbells and running away. Sophisticated sensor technology: The video doorbells examined are equipped with sophisticated sensor technology for detecting visitors.

Take A Vacation To The Doorway To Hell -- Because You Can

Google Nest Hello for example, offers motion and sound detectors, night vision, as well as biometric recognition. Local communication: DoorBird wide open in the network Attacks on local communication enable hackers to intercept data, and in the case of video doorbells, for example, this involves spying on film and video material or gaining access to the device settings. External communication: photo and video data unencrypted in the web Far more nefarious, however, is the risk of poorly protected online communication.

Poorly protected cameras can be spied on, eavesdropped, remotely controlled or even geo-located without any technical knowledge via websites such as Insecam. Automatic camera search: Via pre-set searches, poorly protected devices can be traced like child's play. DoorBird and Somikon: easy prey for attackers With the products from manufacturers DoorBird and Somikon, it was a different ballgame: At least both manufacturers do encrypt access to connected online accounts.

Privacy and data security concerns When it comes to cameras, especially if they are installed outside your own four walls, protection of your own data is not the only issue. Ring: the police are watching as well In the United States, by contrast, the legal limits are much broader and are apparently interpreted quite excessively by Ring and Amazon alike.

Conclusion: three out of five devices can be recommended Three out of the five video doorbells evaluated, the Arlo Audio Doorbell in combination with the "Ultra" camera package, Hello from Nest and Doorbell 2 from Ring, earned the top score in the security quick test from the AV-TEST Institute.

Gates of hell

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I found the Gates of Hell.

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  3. (ebook) Hell's Door Opens.
  4. It turns out that they are in Turkmenistan. They were built — in a manner of speaking — by the former Soviet Union in In , Turkmenistan was a part of the Soviet Union. Not far from the village of Derweze in Russian, it is Darvaza , a Soviet drilling rig hit an underground cavern, which subsequently collapsed and formed a deep pit, almost a hundred meters across.

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    It was spewing toxic gases. In order to contain the hazard, the gases were set alight, with the expectation that the gas would burn off in a few days. A few decades later, though, the pit is still on fire. Natural gas continues to seep into the crater at a significant rate, sufficient to keep the lights on much the same today as when the match got tossed in figuratively speaking. The Darvaza Gas Crater has since come to be nicknamed The Gates of Hell, and it has proven an unlikely and unusual tourist destination in the midst of the Kara-Kum Desert.

    Inside The Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan's Fiery Door To Hell

    Every desert really needs gas heat, after all. Some have written and railed about what an environmental travesty it is to have all of that natural gas burning off. And certainly 40 years of open fossil fuel burning seems like no minor matter.

    Hells Door Opens Hells Door Opens
    Hells Door Opens Hells Door Opens
    Hells Door Opens Hells Door Opens
    Hells Door Opens Hells Door Opens
    Hells Door Opens Hells Door Opens
    Hells Door Opens Hells Door Opens
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    Hells Door Opens Hells Door Opens

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