How to Unleash Your Inner Angel

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2. Ask them to send you a sign.

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Sometimes, telling people good things just makes their day better. To say, 5 is a prime number, has a specific meaning and interpretation. Science use numbers everywhere, so the use of numbers to communicate meaning is perfectly valid. Angel Numbers, Mayan, Ancient, and Numerological practices however, for the most part, include the communication of numbers also for the inner!

It is thus also understood that angel numbers are a valid form of communication within a given context , for the inner. The question is: how do you interpret them? And what is that context? It should also be clearly understood that seeing an angel number is not some sort of a breaking of the laws of the universe for your benefit.

But rather your mind sifted through your universe of numbers and, once again, filtered that particular number sequence out. So it is not an outer magic, but an inner practice we tend to do with anything. It is a form of pareidolia, or otherwise known as pattern recognition. This particular recognition just so happens to be with numbers.

So, how do you understand an angel number? It is thought that angel numbers are predominately for the Inner, as opposed to the Outer, such as in science. But angel numbers can certainly make themselves known from the outer experiences of the person who sees them. So, angel numbers clearly transcend the dividing line between outer and inner. But understanding their meaning is predominantly for the inner, otherwise it would be science or math.

Angel numbers are thus valid only in so far as the meaning of the communication is understood. But how do you, or anyone, understand the meaning of a sequence of numbers? As with outer numbers, such as in science, the meaning of any number is relative to the context.


For example, the number sequence is typically interpreted, without context , as a quantity; two hundred and twenty-two. In context, it could also represent two hundred and twenty two dollars, or two hundred and twenty two percent. In each case the relevant context is stated or shown as part of the number. But what establishes or distinguishes the context of an angel number?

Inner Journeys: Within and Beyond

And without that context, how do you determine the meaning? The key to understanding any number is to understand that a number, regardless of context, is a SYMBOL for something else. The number 2 two , for example, is a symbol for a quantity; not for a thing itself. There is no such thing as a 2 as a thing without the context, except as a quantity of something else. Angel numbers also require context. And, those contexts are based on the meanings attributed to the numbers themselves. The context of an angel number is, unfortunately, dependent on the system used. For example, almost every Western system uses the Arabic base number system.

Our Western numeral system thus uses the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Nevertheless, esoteric meanings and values have been traditionally attached to numerical digits. The linchpin of such a system is the inability to accurately test the validity of any such meaning given any specific number sequence.

This, of course, results from a lack of control context. The system used by Spiritual Vectors utilizes the external countenance of the number itself as a control context against the inner meaning of its personal value.

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Numbers that have a direct, specific, set of external properties are described as the external countenance. For example, is the number a prime, triangular, tetrahedral, palindrome, a Fibonacci, a golden ratio, and so forth. The properties of external numbers, for example, a prime number , are not defined on an arbitrary basis.

The character, or countenance, of the number is defined by the properties of the number itself. The meaning of a prime number, for example, is not ambiguous. The inner meaning of an angel number is far from specific.

Alice Angel Sent from Above T-Shirt

This is where esoteric meanings are traditionally attached. It is not the position of Spiritual Vectors that esoteric meanings are necessarily valid. I say this because the same number can have a different meaning for different people. Further, there is no check that any esoteric meaning attached to an angel number is necessarily true. Start with a false premise, end with a false conclusion.

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The whole point of an Inner meaning is as it relates to the person who sees, or utilizes it. What this means is, as an analogy: if one person loves snakes, and another person is deathly afraid of them, seeing a symbol of a snake will have a different impact and meaning to either person. Numbers affect us in such different ways that there is a psychology in numbers, as well.

See: The Psychology in Numbers. Likewise, many of us have a certain synesthesia when it comes to numbers. We have feelings about certain numbers; some we are prone to like while others we dislike. Numbers give us different feelings.

How to Unleash Your Inner Angel How to Unleash Your Inner Angel
How to Unleash Your Inner Angel How to Unleash Your Inner Angel
How to Unleash Your Inner Angel How to Unleash Your Inner Angel
How to Unleash Your Inner Angel How to Unleash Your Inner Angel
How to Unleash Your Inner Angel How to Unleash Your Inner Angel
How to Unleash Your Inner Angel How to Unleash Your Inner Angel
How to Unleash Your Inner Angel How to Unleash Your Inner Angel

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