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Jakimik, J. The influence of spelling on speech perception. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, St.

Louis, November References Baron, J. Mechanisms for pronouncing printed words: Use and acquisition. Samuels Eds.

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Hillsdale, N. J: Erlbaum, Barron, R. Access to the meanings of printed words: Some implications for reading and for learning to read. Murray Ed.

Silent letters in English and how to pronounce them | EF English Live

Newark, Del: International Reading Association, Bjork, R. Retrieval as a memory modifier.

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Solso Ed. Chomsky, C. Approaching reading through invented spelling. Weaver Eds. Corcoran, D. An acoustic factor in letter cancellation. Nature , , , Acoustic factor in proof reading. Nature , , , — Craik, F. Levels of processing: A framework for memory research. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior , , 11 , — CrossRef Google Scholar.

Silent k and g

Beginning reading from a psycholinguistic perspective: Amalgamation of word identities. The development of orthographic images. Frith Ed. London: Academic Press The role of orthographic images in learning printed words. Venezky Eds. Baltimore, Md: University Park Press, Do beginners learn printed words better in context or isolation? Child Development , , 50 , — The mnemonic value of orthography among beginning readers. Journal of Educational Psychology , , 71 , 26— Applied Psycholinguistics , , 2 , — Frith, U.

From print to meaning and from print to sound, or How to read without knowing how to spell. Visible Language , , 12 , 43— Hatch, E.

Acoustic scanning and syntactic processing: Three reading experiments-First and second language learners. Silent D — bri d ge, e d ge, han d kerchief, han d some, han d ful, gran d son, le d ger, san d wich, We d nesday. Silent E — plaqu e , veg e table, bridg e , cloth e s, hat e , name, lik e , breath e. Silent G — ali g n, assi g n, beni g n, champa g ne, colo g ne, consi g n, desi g n, fei g n, forei g n, g narly, g nash, g nat, g naw, g nome, g nomic, hi g h, li g ht, rei g n, resi g n, si g n.

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Silent H — anc h or, arc h eology, arc h itect, arc h ives, c h aos, c h aracter, c h aracteristic, c h arisma, c h emical, c h oreograph, c h orus, C h ristian, C h ristmas, ec h o, h our, g h ost, w h en, w h ere, w h ether, w h ich, w h ile, w h ite, w h y. Silent K — k nack, k nave, k nead, k nee, k neel, k neel, k new, k nickers, k nife, k night, k nit, k nob, k nock, k noll, k not, k now, k nowledge, k nuckle.

Silent P — p sychology, p neumonia, p seudo, p sychiatrist, p sychiatry, p sychotherapy, p sychotic, recei p t, cor p s, cou p , cu p board, p salm, ras p berry. Silent S — ai s le, i s land, debri s , i s le, patio s , vi s count. Silent T — apos t le, bris t le, bus t le, cas t le, fas t en, glis t en, hus t le, lis t en, mois t en, of t en.

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Silent N — autum n , colum n , condem n , dam n , hym n , solem n , chim n ey, gover n ment. Silent U — bag u ette, bisc u it, b u ild, circ u it, disg u ise, g u ess, g u est, g u ide, g u ild, g u ilt, g u ise, g u itar, rog u e, silho u ette. Silent W — a w ry, play w right, s w ord, w rack, w rangle, w rap, w rapper, w rath, w reak, w reath, w reck, w restle, w riggle, w ring, w rinkle, w rist, w rit, w rite, w rong, w rote.

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Silent Words Silent Words
Silent Words Silent Words
Silent Words Silent Words
Silent Words Silent Words
Silent Words Silent Words
Silent Words Silent Words

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