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So they were bragging about how much micca they had, and then everyone became shocked because it is pretty babyish.

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The first day was also really bad for the freinds. They had no classes together "In addition to finding out I didn't have any classes with Drew Peter was also lucky because all teachers told him about how Sunny was a good students and several other stories. The theme of this story so far is coming of age, becasue he sees how the students diffrenciated from elementary school. Yoo Peter was very mad and careless about the time and effort he had spent towards mica.

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Derek started arguing with Peter, but Peter was stubborn and wanted to sell it all. Derek was finally convinced to sell the mica. Which took them a lot of tie to get rid of it. It was dinnertime and Sunny wanted to embarrass him. Sunny was impatient for her mother to finish her sentence and told them about what she learned about. It was peter's turn and after a long time, he finally said a word, which was that he learned about hair. Sunny tried to make him in trouble by stating that she never learned about hair. Peter also states that he finds Sunny annoying because she always tries to be the "now it all" and barge and correct or add on anyhting.

To make things worse for Peter in terms of Sunny, kids in her grades punish him for the actions she does. I bet you're a goody-goody just like her, huh Yoo 59? Then Peter tried to tell them that he also despises her too. Then the two guys decided to threaten them by saying that they will regret coming to Feniwck. The next day Sunny seemed weird because she dramatically changed. She did not complain when Derek carried her bag to homeroom or anything. Talent show was around the corner.

Sunny, Derek and Peter wanted to participate as usual. Peter said that he was nervous-wreck, and that was the same case with Derek.

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They were planning on being magicians. Soon,Peter gave up on everything. He hated school because he was teased by everyone, except derek. He stole things from science and when his mother came, he didn't care and refused to return it. He constantly got detentions for his rotten behaviour. Soon Derek had an idea, and idea that may chnage the reputation in school.

He usually doesnt get invited to Fenwick Middle School parties but does get invited to students that attend Hilton. Derek thought it was a brilliant idea, but didn't know how to prove it. Mainly because they won't beleive him. Peter said that he can show them digitaly by taking pictures during the event and posting them online. Derek agreed and decided to take pictures of every event they went to. But unluckily for them they failed and nobody really cared about them.

There was a threatning incident going on.

The Detention Club by David Yoo - FictionDB

There was a theif in school. The Coffee maker in school was stolen. Schoonerman's coffee maker is stolen" Yoo ! Peter knew that all the students that have a rotten behaviour like him will be whatched on countinoulsy during the time. For fun, Peter asked Derek to be detectives and find the man behind this incident.

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The theme of the chapters is that in every night there is dawn. The first reason that proves so is that Peter is experiencing trouble and he is not belonging,but he will eventually belong. For example in the world many people don't adapt quickly when they travel to another circumstance. Another reason would be that he is countinoulsly attempting to be poupilar but if he keeps trying he will see dawn. An initial example would be Adida's slogan, Impossible is nothing. To wrap up, every conflict eventually ends.

One day, Peter entered Sunny's room. Just to check on her. When he found the coffee machine they were all looking for. The one Mr. Schoonerman lost, was in her room. Sunny than said while crying that her life seems boring without any highlights, she also wants bad attention. Peter told her he had to turn the coffeemaker in without anyone acctualy spotting her. The next day Sunny took her biggest purse.

Many people came to her asking to carry the purse for her, but she denyed that.

The Detention Club

It was lunch time and Mr. The teacher came at that very moment and saw them. Peter jumped from his place, and knew he he was in deep trouble. He took the cofee machine and ran with it. The teacher chased him and called the securtiy guard to catch him too. He got caught and got sent to the office.

The Principle as a result gave him detentions everday till the end of the year. The theme of the book, is coming of age. The first reason is that along time ago, Peter didn't worry about poupilarity as much as he is recently. For example the whole time he tried to gain poupilarity back. The second reason is that puberty leads people to act diffrently and badly.

An initial example would be towards the end of the story when Peter ran with the machine. To wrap up, The book relates to coming of age a lot. Jul 05, Lynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. The Detention Club is part mystery and part coming-of-age story. Peter is going into middle school as a 6th grader and is confident that he will rule the school as he did with his friend, Drew in 5th grade. Peter soon finds out; however, that things that made him popular in 5th grade only make him look like a "loser" in 6th. To top it all off, Peter sister, Sunny, who is an 8th grader is the "queen" of the school making straight As and never doing anything wrong.

Peter comes up with lots of ways The Detention Club is part mystery and part coming-of-age story. Peter comes up with lots of ways to try and become popular including framing other students so that they all end up in detention together. At the same time, someone has been stealing things from students in the school and many are starting to wonder if Peter is the culprit.

Peter and Drew set out to find the thief in order to clear Peter's name. Peter is kind of hard to like in this story because he seems to do all of the wrong things in order to become popular and is pretty over-confident about it, but he is believable because he thinks in the way that middle school students often think. In addition, the other characters in the story react and behave in ways that seem realistic. I enjoyed this story, many parts laugh-out-loud funny.

An overall good read about the transition from elementary to middle school life.

Aug 29, Majid Marrakchi rated it liked it Shelves: summer-reading-program. Before school starts, Peter gets a call with good and bad news. The good news is that Peter joined the T.

The Detention Club The Detention Club
The Detention Club The Detention Club
The Detention Club The Detention Club
The Detention Club The Detention Club
The Detention Club The Detention Club
The Detention Club The Detention Club
The Detention Club The Detention Club

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