Three Names of the Hidden God

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There she slipped and fell into the river. The tzaddik felt this and said now the prince will be cured. The skin of the prince peeled off and he was revealed that all his body consisted of gems. The prince in the story is Moses. The Gemara teaches that Basya, the Egyptian princess went down to the river to convert and purify herself.

When she touched the casket with Moses, he became a leper. When he came to Mt. Sinai and adopted the mantle of leadership, then the brilliance of the , shown, and the leprosy was removed.

2. The argument from nonresistant nonbelief

The Midrash says that there is a woman who gave birth to , souls at one time. This is Yocheved, the mother of Moses. Breslov explains that she is also the mother of all Israel, because Moses was equal to all the souls of Israel combined. Text : Midrash Rabbah Song of Songs or As Rabbi was once expounding the Scripture, the congregation became drowsy. Ishmael son of R. I, 54 ; And there hath not arisen a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses Deut.

XXXIV, The Breslov idea is that the Messiah encapsulates all the souls of the Jews and Moses is equal to the Messiah. From here, we understand why the prince is made entirely of gems. Each gem is a soul of a Jew. Since every soul is good, the prince possessed the qualities of all Jews. The story revolves around the leader of the , souls. In order to remove this, one must be willing to go through a descent and battle the evil forces and be willing to attach to the Tzaddik Emets—Moshe Rabenu.

Text : Zohar b. The Torah is hidden in the valley. Moshe Rabenu is master of the 13 midos of Hashem. Torah is hidden within this master of the 13 qualities of Hashem. Moshe is as master of the Torah.

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The Torah consists of , letters corresponding to , Souls Every word in the Torah is a precious stone. Hence, this refers to the Prince of Gems. He splintered or divided the Yam — waters.

Egyptian God

He divided, split or tore away the Yam. Dividing the waters of the Yam-Chokmah Let the Jews enter and learn the depth of wisdom and endless waters of the Torah. Carry away and removing the satan, which is the evil magic — [wck in the waters. In the Prince of Gems, the tzaddik and princess remove the evil magic in the waters, the satan, that caused the leprosy.

I will make the miracles for you.

Three Names of the Hidden God by Vera Nazarian

Yod-shin is yesh from the caph which is keter - rtk. Keter gives forth the reward for tzaddikim which will be true for all Jews. The Zohar says yod is hochmah, []. This is in the hands of Moses who will lead the Jews to ultimate victory and even in the world to come, they will be there through his zehus - merit. The righteous nurturing souls in the Garden of Eden Tzaddik is Moses and Aaron Gimmel is gan or the lower Garden of Eden Tav is tiferets or the higher Garden of Eden Bets tet resh is ratov — bfr which means moist, wet, and fertile where souls grow.

This is the special garden where the neshamah — the soul is watered, in this fertile ground. This is dependent on the faith that a Jew has in the Tzaddik Emets and in the words of the Torah. Moshe Rabbenu and Aaron are the caretakers of this garden nurturing souls to grow.

He planted a law for Adam Natah is planted. The gematria for the name of G-d Anyin-Bet — 72 - bu is here. This shows that Ayin Bet is the source for netzah, hod, and yesod, just as it is for hesed, gevurah, and tiferets.

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This being the sixth group alludes to the th year. Pidyom is redemption. Zerah is seed or children here. Similarly, the word gelah — hlyg means rejoice.

We rejoice as the time for our redemption, our return to Israel, approaches. It will all end happily when this end comes through malchut which is Emunah — faith. The vav and tzaddik are two letters Rabbi Nachman struggled to understand. Vav is tiferets of malchuts Tzaddik is netzah of malchuts. Tiferets alludes to the Tzaddik Emet. Netzah alludes to Moses and his prophecy and for Breslov, the Messiah.

Tzaddik also alludes to Yesod since Joseph is considered the righteous one.

Names of God Series 4

Yesod also alludes to Messiah Son of Joseph. The shin is Shabbas. Kaitz alludes to end of the week. The , souls finally come forth in all their glory due to their struggle and unwavering faith in the Tzaddik Emets and the Torah, knowing the Moshiach will lead them to perfection. Still one would expect the lower numerical value to be closer to our world.

Perhaps the acronym for the expansion MaH has nothing to do with Mah. Why is MaH then listed above BeN?

Shem HaMephorash

The Bahir hints at an explanation where Malchut is seventh and Yesod is eighth in position. Interestingly, in a meditation through the chains one will encounter MaH before BeN. Maybe this is the case because Zer Anpin is protecting the Nukvah from below or maybe the expansions refer to the reverse. Seems like we ought to know this answer? Text : Zohar b on MaH:.

Amen The Hidden God

This end of heaven is called Who. There is another below, called What — MaH. What distinguishes the two? The first, concealed one—called Who—can be questioned. Once a human being questions and searches, contemplating and knowing rung after rung to the very last rung—once one reaches there: What? What do you know? What have you contemplated?

Three Names of the Hidden God Three Names of the Hidden God
Three Names of the Hidden God Three Names of the Hidden God
Three Names of the Hidden God Three Names of the Hidden God
Three Names of the Hidden God Three Names of the Hidden God
Three Names of the Hidden God Three Names of the Hidden God
Three Names of the Hidden God Three Names of the Hidden God
Three Names of the Hidden God Three Names of the Hidden God

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