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He just moved from the extreme right of the Republican Party…back toward the center. Trying to play to the Tea Party folks, Romney claimed a lot of things throughout his campaign…which he began disavowing in the first debate. So much so that the race to the finish is now…neck and neck. Is this what we want to teach…our children? How does Romney square what he does…with his 5 sons?

What doth it profit a man… | The Legal Genealogist

To his credit, Tagg Romney, the eldest, when asked how he felt during the second debate, said he…wanted to go down and take a swipe…at the President. He might have been spared the embarrassing made-for-TV moment…had his father not taken him down the path… by accusing the President of lying in the Rose Garden the day after the attack of the U. Libyan consulate. Truth in journalism…long the hallmark of our beloved Walter Cronkite. While we fight to regain our economic standing, to guarantee jobs for everyone, to renew the promise that all can realize the American Dream, to ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren…let us always remember….

For what doth it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul? Not everyone, however. Like Like. In my heart and in my gut…I can see past the rhetoric…and hear the truth. Vote your heart. Regardless of which side of the political fence you sit, and I have friends and family I love on both sides, generations have worked hard to preserve that freedom of speech we all enjoy. We should not have to apologize for exercising it, and no one — blue or red, left or right — should be intimidated into hiding their respectfully, civilly stated views.

Thank you for the support.

James Series: What Doth It Profit? (Part 2)

I know some blogger friends might be turned off by my political posts. In light of the importance of this Presidential election, I have chosen to speak up. I welcome visits and comments from folks who are so inclined. And I understand if others choose not to return.

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With rights…come responsibilities. In , he boarded a merchant vessel bound for Malacca, Malaysia, where the Portuguese had a trading colony.

James 2:14-26

Sometime prior to this he had penned an open letter to the University of Paris calling upon faculty and students to forget about degrees and come to the East: win souls not titles. Here, in Malacca, he converted many thousands, but he was not able to root out all the vices, especially those of the Portuguese traders.

After a little less than a year here he was off to the islands of the Indonesian archipelago. He preached in the Maluccans to the inhabitants of Amboyna, Ternate, and Baranura, to the most uncivilized of aborigines, for whom he worked stupendous miracles. When he returned to Malacca he met a Japanese convert named Anger who was still a catechumen.

So great was the picture this man drew of a noble culture further east, which was ripe for the true religion, that he aroused an insatiable desire in Xavier to go the Japan. Urgent problems, however, required his return to India; so he took Anger with him and had him solemnly baptized, Paul of the Holy Faith, in Goa. It had been six years since Xavier had left Goa. As Vicar Apostolic of the Pope for all the Orient he had much to do in settling ecclesiastical imbroglios between the newly arriving Jesuits and other orders that had been in India long before them.

After settling these affairs and establishing a seminary for native clergy, the saint, like another Paul, re-visited all of his Catholic colonies to the south, leaving zealous priests to serve in each location. Pablo de Santa Fe accompanied them. Xavier would spend two years in Japan working under the most difficult conditions imaginable. In fact, when it came to tongues, Brother Juan learned the language much easier than Saint Francis and, consequently, he did most of the preaching.

The few hundred some writers estimate three thousand converts our saint did make among the Japanese would prove to be an unshakeable flock. These converts passed on the Faith to their children, and down through the generations, enduring horrible persecutions, for two hundred years, without priests. In , Xavier left Father Cosme and Brother Juan behind to nourish the Japanese Church while he returned again to India, having been summoned back to Goa again to resolve more domestic problems among superiors, rectors, and seminarians. He arrived in Goa early in the year It would be the last year of his life.

A Brief Respite. When his ship pulled into harbor the missionary was received as a living saint. Canons fired, banners flew, choirs sang, church bells rang, and children and the infirm lined the docks to receive a blessing and touch his garment. Francis Xavier was mortified, but kept his modesty and dignity.

JAMES 2:14

While in the city he reconciled many divisive feuds and lawsuits, in fact all the issues that were presented to him for judgment, and he gave counsel to a devout viceroy on how to rule as a just Catholic. It took two attempts to make it to his scheduled meeting with Governor Vaz. The first appointment found him rushing through the streets a half hour late because he had to be shaken out of an ecstasy, which had him suspended one foot off the ground in the church belfry.

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When he came to it was too late for the meeting. It was said even by a few contemporary critics that Father Francis was too restless.

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And surely he was. This final excursion, however, proved to be rather precarious.

While in Japan he had heard much about the Celestial Empire of China. Two Shores in Sight. Father Xavier decided that he must go to China and the Portuguese Viceroy seconded the idea, making the Jesuit an ambassador of Portugal to the royal emperor.

What Doth It Profit What Doth It Profit
What Doth It Profit What Doth It Profit
What Doth It Profit What Doth It Profit
What Doth It Profit What Doth It Profit
What Doth It Profit What Doth It Profit
What Doth It Profit What Doth It Profit
What Doth It Profit What Doth It Profit

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